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Healing for Depression
A Teaching By Mary Jo Clouse

Webster's Dictionary defines Depression as dejection, as of mind; gloominess, pressed down; downcast, discouraged and disheartened. Common symptoms of depression include feelings of sadness, hopelessness, helplessness and worthlessness. People with depression experience difficulty sleeping and changes in appetite. Sufferers no longer derive pleasure from activities that were once enjoyable, and may have difficulty concentrating and making decisions. Some people have vague medical complaints such as aches and pains that won't go away, backaches, headaches, and stomach ailments. Depression also may be characterized by thoughts of death and suicide.

Depression not only affects your emotions it causes physical diseases. Chronically depressed people are at greater risk of developing cancer. Heart attack survivors who also have depression have an increased risk of dying within six months.

Blood tests are done to determine the degree of depression a person suffers from. Lev. 17:11 tells us "The life is in the blood." When you receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior you receive His cleansing blood. To receive Him you confession with your mouth and believe in your heart that Christ was raised from the dead and you are then born again. At that moment you are adopted into the family of God and receive his DNA. The DNA in our blood is "the blue print of our potential." The blood of Jesus enables you to fulfill all the destiny and purpose God has for your life.

In our natural blood line we have family iniquities. Iniquities means a bend in your nature. That bend can be to good health, poor health, sound mind or depression. What is a blood line iniquity? An iniquity is a repeated sin pattern in your life; or a learned behavior pattern. For example: Uncle Joe always had depression around Christmas time so it is a family trait. Instead of rising above the family iniquity a lethargic attitude toward that habit leads to hopelessness. It also, bring discouragement. We begin to think that we can never be different from the "weaknesses" in our families.

The devils job is to kill, steal and destroy. What better way to destroy someone than to assign an army of demons that is familiar with your generation.? This army of evil spirits is an assignment from Satan to destroy the plan and purpose that God has planned for you. But, the good news is that Jesus had a plan for your life and His plan is that you might have LIFE and have it more abundantly. He wants you filled with joy, walking in peace, and living victorious and free from depression..

I had female surgery at the age of 32. Afterwards, my hormones were extremely out of balance. I began to have drastic mood swings. I would be extremely happy, functioning normal with my family and co-workers; and some small thing could go wrong and I would burst into tears, be drepressed and just want to go to bed and sleep. There came a point that I did not want to be around people because I was afraid of the emotional outbursts. At this time I had only bee a Christian three weeks. I believed healing was for others but not necessarily for me. I was ignorant of God's Word. My mind had not been renewed by the Word. So, when my doctor prescribed Valium for the "mood swings" I gladly took them. For six months I lived in a trance like state of mind. I was fine until the Valium would almost wear off. But, I knew the next pill was coming and I could look forward to that.

We were on vacation in N.C. My husband took me and the two kids out to eat. It was time to take the Valium . I reached in my purse for the bottle of pills. They were not there. At that moment I literally fell apart. I panicked, became paranoid. I was too upset and unnerved to eat. My my husband told the kids to continue eating that he would take me to the motel put me to bed and be back to take care of them. He could not find the medicine. He gave me some pain killer that I was taking that allowed me to sleep at night.. There is no words to tell you how raw my nerves were at that time. I went into the deepest depression that I ever knew could be possible.

This was my wake-up call. The next day I bought a book on "Healing through the Name of Jesus." I began to study and meditate on the Word. I continued to take the Valium but was trying to cut down on the dose. I knew I was hooked on a prescription drug. I felt like Jesus was my real answer. I thought there had been a period of time that perhaps I needed the Valium but it had now become a habit that I could not deal with. God had miraculous delivered me from social drinking. Now, I had traded one habit for another. Just as drinking had soothed my nerves and put me in a "don't care attitude;" so had the Valium..

I started meditating on Psalm 103 "Bless the Lord, Oh my soul: and all that is within me bless His holy name. Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits who forgiveth all thine iniquities, who healeth all thy diseases: who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies; who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle's. The Lord executeth righteousness and judgment for all that are oppressed.

I knew then that I was oppressed by the devil. Through studying the Word I found out that my soul was my mind, my WILL and my emotions. My mind was telling me that I needed the Valium. As my mind was being renewed by the Word the "mood swings" became less frequent and when they did come they were not as intense or severe and did not last as long. I was able to quote God's Word and encourage myself and to know that the Lord was freeing me daily. I had an increased desire to be free from the iniquity of depression.. I did not want to be dependent on drugs. I wanted to be healed. My emotions were fighting my will and saying, without drugs you can't function. But God's Word said that He would redeem my life from destruction. He was satisfying my mouth with the good things from His Word and the desire to use tranquilizers was decreasing daily. I set my will to come in line with what God said about me. He was executing righteousness and freeing me from oppression. I realized that since God was big enough to save me from sin; He was also powerful enough to deliver me from the iniquity that I was now trapped in.

I believe that the healing was a progression through the following :
1. Recognizing I had a problem.
2. Desiring not to be drug dependent.
3. Meditating on the Word. Specifically healing scriptures.
4. Realizing I had a new blood line and that the LIFE of God flowed in my veins.
5. I forgave eveyone (even my ex-husband)
I had bitter root judgments against people. The Word of God changed my thinking. I stopped judging others and let God deal with my heart. At that point in my life I was still very angry at him. During this time there was a court hearing over child support and custody. This really sent me into more dependence on the drug. Most depression is caused by anger turned inward. Bitter roots bear bitter fruits.

What are some of the steps to overcoming depression? Forgive everyone that has ever hurt and disappointed you. Bitterness will fill you with thoughts that not only make you look bad, you will experience medical problems. Bitterness drys the bones. The blood is produced in the bones. We are told in Prov. 23:5 "as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."

Renewing the Mind: Ephesians 4:23 says: "be renewed in the attitude of your mind."
(A) Conditioned Thoughts are thoughts that you put into your mind on purpose that lead to (b) REPEATED THOUGHTS, which are the thoughts that go through your mind again and again. They lead to...(c) THOUGHT HABITS, which is anything that is repeated over and over again and soon becomes habit forming. These habits lead to (d) ATTITUDE, which dictates whether we think negative or positive. Your attitude will in turn dictate your (e) ACTIONS, which is your outward behavior. As my mind was renewed, so were my actions and depression and dependence on the drug was no longer a part of those actions.

One day I decided to flush all the pills down the commode and that has been 27 years ago and I have never had any mood altering drugs since then. I am free by the name of Jesus, set free through His blood and healed by the stripes of Jesus.

My husbands testimony: I suffered for many years with bouts of depression so debilitating that I was convinced there was no way I could be set free. In fact, in 1969, before Mary Jo and I were married I asked her if she could possibly survive my bouts of depression. She had never seen me in the pits I was prone to descend into, for most of our courtship had been exilerating and uplifting. Still, I knew that sooner or later the depression would return and I wanted her to be aware of it. She assured me that she could deal with it, so in June we were married. I still wonder, if she had known, would she have been so sure she could deal with the situation.

Sure enough, after only a few weeks of wedded bliss, the first session of depression came on me. I went into the bedroom, sat in the floor, with my trusty Gibson Guitar, and began to pick out depressing country music. That had always been my habit and I was continuing true to form. Mary Jo tried to break the depression and when that tactic failed she did the next best thing, she ignored me. That was hard to do for I was right in her way each time she came into the bedroom, but she managed to step over me and go on with things. After about 12 hours of this I came out of it and returned to my former self. It seemed as if there was never anything in particular that triggered it, it just happened.

Our marriage was most gratifying to both of us and we were sailing along through life with only minor problems (although the depression was certainly not minor). As time went by the bouts of depression were further and further apart, but when they did come, they were rough. Then, after some 2 years of marriage, we started going to church and received Jesus as Lord and Saviour. A new life was underway and we were both hungry for the Word and for what God could do in our lives. As I look back on it now, I am so thankful that He instructed me and sent worthy servants to help me find the way to set us both free in so many areas of our lives.

I can look back now in retrospect and realize just how I kicked the habit of depression. Praise God! There were three things that had me bound and I now realize that all three had to be broken in my life for me to enjoy the freedom that I now do. First, there was iniquity (or a bend in my nature) that was handed down from my Grandfather Clouse, for he also had fits of depression. I was a small boy when he died so I don't remember it but my older sister did and she told me about him and the things he said and did. That iniquity had to be uprooted and expelled from my life before I could get any measure of relief from depression.

Second, my mind had to be renewed, according to the Word of God and not according to the way the world thinks. Ephesians 4:23 says: "Be renewed in the attitude of your mind." NIV. God, through the ministry of a dear brother, gave me some pointers on renewing my mind and attitude: (a). CONDITIONED THOUGHTS are thoughts that you put into your mind on purpose. They lead to . . . (b). REPEATED THOUGHTS, which are the thoughts that go through your mind again and again. They lead to . . . (c) THOUGHT HABITS, which is anything that is repeated over and over again and soon becomes habit forming. These habits lead to . . . (d). ATTITUDE, which dictates whether we think negative or positive. Your attitude will in turn dictate your . . . (e) ACTIONS, which is your outward behavior. As my mind was renewed, so were my actions (and depression was no longer a part of those actions).

Third, and most important is that we must rely on the Lord Jesus to intercede on our behalf, and set us free. Today, as I look back on my life and repeated fits of depression prior to 1971, I am amazed that I survived all those years. My life today is so fulfilling it is hard to remember that other life. Praise God that Mary Jo did have enough fortitude to see me through that most difficult time and the Lord Jesus came to my rescue and plucked me out of the miry clay! It has literally been so many years since I have been depressed that I cannot even remember how many years it has been.

My friend Sylvia Davenport's testimony of how Jesus set her free of depression:
In Sept. 76, after three year so deep depression - I found the one and only true "cure" - Jesus.!!

After a total hysterectomy at the age of 30, being given no hormone replacement I realized I was on an emotional roller coaster. I became a crying, sad and nagging wife. Depression nearly cost me everything. Doctor's gave me tranquilizers and a mood elevator called Tri-Vil. These caused me to be a zombie! I was so medicated I could not function.

When in depression, it was horrible. There were days I did not go out of the house. I would sit and dwell on my problems. My mind felt as if there were a dome of heavy, dark bricks on it.

I went to a Christian Psychologist who suggested that I find a gynecologist who did blood work and found I had a hormone imbalance. He prescribed hormones and a mild tranquilizer. I began to function better mentally but still had depression bouts. This all took place over a two year period. During this time my marriage nearly fell apart; I was suicidal, and only weighed 89 pounds.

A friend led me to Jesus. I was told to read the book of Philippians two times a day for four weeks. I did this faithfully for I was told it would cause a change in my life. How true it was!! In three months my husband saw such a change in me I led him to the Lord. I then began to confess God's Word by reading from a list of scriptures out loud three times a day.

I had been accustomed to taking medication regularly. So I quoted the word regularly instead of taking tranquilizers. Quoting and reading the Word out loud, my husband praying with me daily, and some Christian counseling at church, was the beginning of deep healing for me. After a period of renewing my mind with the Word the counselor prayed deliverance for me and I was totally free from depression. When I went through deliverance I felt the heaviness lift from my head. I felt light for the first time in years and totally free from depression. That has been over 25 years now and I am still free. All Praise goes to Jesus, He is the answer


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