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Getting Free deals with Generational Curses. Is something holding you back from enjoying success and prosperity? Does chronic illness rob you of precious time and energy? Have close relationships fallen apart in spite of your best efforts? Are you bound by mistakes of the past? Do you feel like something is holding you back and preventing you from succeeding? Learn how and why curses affect you and how you can be free once and for all from curses over your life. Discover the five steps that lead to a new way of thinking, speaking and acting. Get ready to receive the awesome release, freedom and blessings that await you in God's healing presence!

Also Available In Spanish

Getting Free $ 10.00
Getting Free Study Guide is a guide to go with the book that will help you remember how to recognize Blessings and Curses. It is good to use in a home Bible Study or just for your private time of study to enable you to memorize the steps to freedom.
Getting Free Study Guide
$ 7.00
Unity in Marriage scripturally show you that Marriage is a Blood Covenant. Forgiveness does not keep a record! Are you completing or competing with your mate? Are you angry, bitter, or full of pride? Lack of communication brings strife! Explains the Salt Covenant, Blood Covenant, Wedding Ring, purpose of Unity Candle and how to be better and not bitter in your marriage.
Unity In Marrage $8.00


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