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Gods Ministry of Healing & Restoration
Through George & Mary Jo Clouse

Mary Jo Clouse is a powerful teacher, intercessor, and author of articles published for SpiritLed Woman.

In 2001 her book on "Getting Free" was published by Creation Press. The book, which is written from her experiences of going from sickness to health. After teaching on the subject for over seven years, throughout the body of Christ, she knew it was time to write the book which has opened even more doors for her to share the gospel by being on radio and television which is aired in foreign countries and the U.S.

She ministers restoration and wholeness across the country at churches, conferences, home fellowship groups, Finland, Mexico Central America, and wherever the Lord leads. Just recently God has laid on her heart to start a House of Healing. The first step in establishing a place for healing is going to New Smyrna to a physicians office where appointments are set up through the Doctor at the office; for her to counsel with saved and unsaved then to lay hands on the sick and see them recover. Jesus is no respecter of persons and enjoys showing His love and demonstrating his power through healing.

God has opened doors for her to minister freedom to others in the areas of forgiveness, past hurts, physical healing, deliverance, seeing people filled with joy, and freedom from Generational Curses. She has been born again and Spirit filled for over 30 years. She has been healed of heart problems, migraine headaches, chronic back problems, and low blood sugar.

She has worked many years as Payroll Supervisor for Charisma Magazine. For ten years she has trained and organized the prayer and deliverance teams for the annual Charisma Women's Conference. At the Conference she teaches on "Getting Free Of Your Past" and "Healing for the Sick." Seeing God touch and heal others just as He has healed her.

The most recent book is self-published and written by she and her husband, George on Unity in Marriage.

She has seen the deaf ears opened, blind eyes receive their sight, people come out of wheelchairs, off walkers, heart disease healed, and numerous other miracles. Her husband, George, travels with her. He is in charge of the book table and seeing that she gets where she is suppose to be on time. Their heart
is to see lives restored and a mighty revival all over the world. They have traveled to several of the major revivals and have felt the touch of God mightily on their lives.



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